FRO & STNG Shipping Stock Trade Setups

Member @drummonddrive inquired in the trading room about FRO (Frontline Ltd ADR) & STNG (Scorpio Tankers Inc), both shipping stocks, as potential long trade ideas. FRO could be putting in a right shoulder on a nice Inverse Head & Shoulders bottoming pattern on the daily time frame. If so, it would need to reverse soon [...]

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Long Swing Trade Ideas Updated

The following Long Swing Trade ideas have either hit one or more profit targets and/or hit their suggested stop or final price target & will be reassigned to the Completed Long Swing Trades category, along with all associated posts (charts & notes) to be archived indefinitely for future reference. Due to the large number of [...]

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Official Trade Ideas Overview (video)

This video reviews all of the official trade ideas, both long & short, that are currently listed as Active Swing Trades on Right Side Of The Chart. While the majority are still Active Trades, several of these trades have already hit their final price target or exceeded their maximum suggested stop & will be reassigned [...]

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FRO First Price Target Hit In Just 1 hour

FRO (Frontline Ltd.) just hit the first target of 7.98 for a quick 4.2% gain in just about 1 hour since the long entry was posted earlier today (first chart below). Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops, depending on your trading plan. On a related note regarding completed trades (those [...]

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Shipping Sector Trade Ideas pt. 3 (video)

I continue to see bullish developments in the shipping sector with numerous stocks set up for potentially explosive gains, should the momentum players step in once again. In fact, quite a few of the recently highlighted individual shipping stocks as well as the shipping etf, SEA, have just recently broken above the key breakpoint levels [...]

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Shipping Sector Overview & Trade Setups

This video covers the charts of some of my favorite trade ideas in the shipping sector. As these trades are extremely aggressive coupled with the fact that I like to take a "shotgun" approach by taking small lots scattered among different shipping stocks within the sector in order to diversify, these are only unofficial trade [...]

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