Long Swing Trade Ideas Updated

The following Long Swing Trade ideas have either hit one or more profit targets and/or hit their suggested stop or final price target & will be reassigned to the Completed Long Swing Trades category, along with all associated posts (charts & notes) to be archived indefinitely for future reference. Due to the large number of trades that need to be moved from the Active to the Completed Trades category at this time, the following trades will be batched out together: BBBY: Posted as a trade setup on Dec 6th, triggering a long entry the next day on an impulsive breakout above [...]

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Official Trade Ideas Overview (video)

This video reviews all of the official trade ideas, both long & short, that are currently listed as Active Swing Trades on Right Side Of The Chart. While the majority are still Active Trades, several of these trades have already hit their final price target or exceeded their maximum suggested stop & will be reassigned to the Completed Trades category asap. I wanted to cover those completed trades as some still look good & most importantly, suggested price targets & stops are just that; suggested. Traders & investors might opt to use their own targets & stops that are inline with [...]

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YELP Final Price Target Hit for 20% Gain

YELP (Yelp, Inc) has hit the final target, 33.12, for a 20% gain in just 3 weeks since the short entry. Consider booking full profits as the R/R to remain short in no longer favorable as the odds for a bounce off the bottom of the 32.40ish support level just below are fairly high. YELP is a good example, along with the EW short idea, which gapped below the rising wedge yesterday & is already fallen about 18% as of today, how many rising wedge patterns experience impulsive drop without any backtest of the patterns at levels above the breakdown. Updated [...]

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YELP Trade Setup & Entry

YELP will be added as an Active Short Trade here in anticipation of an imminent breakdown below this rising wedge pattern. Negative divergences on the MACD & RSI help to confirm the bearish nature of the rising wedge pattern & with this YELP recently failing at the 42.70ish resistance level, this trade offers an attractive R/R with a suggested stop above 43.32. While shorting a stock while still inside of a rising wedge pattern in anticipation of a breakdown that has yet to occur is certainly an somewhat aggressive trading strategy, a more conservative/conventional short entry could be taken [...]

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Trade Ideas part 1 (video)

This video covers the charts of about half the stocks currently on my watch-list as potential long and short trading opportunities. The video begins very brief overview of the broad market as well as the breakout above the triangle pattern that was highlighted yesterday on the USO 60-minute chart. Following the USO commentary, the following trade ideas are discussed in this order: COP, SEDG, CSIQ, LL, BAS, PIR, TSRO, ELLI, CNAB, AXAS, ACPW, ASPS, PLCE, MNKD, BITA, YELP,CVSI, SHOS, SMH, BBW & ALDR There were some issues with loading the charts during the video which turns out was due to [...]

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