Long Swing Trade Ideas Updated

The following Long Swing Trade ideas have either hit one or more profit targets and/or hit their suggested stop or final price target & will be reassigned to the Completed Long Swing Trades category, along with all associated posts (charts & notes) to be archived indefinitely for future reference. Due to the large number of trades that need to be moved from the Active to the Completed Trades category at this time, the following trades will be batched out together: BBBY: Posted as a trade setup on Dec 6th, triggering a long entry the next day on an impulsive breakout above [...]

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Weekly Market Outlook 2-13-17 (video)

This video begins with the near-term outlook for the US stock market via SPY, QQQ & IWM followed by coverage of the following stocks, sectors & commodities that stand out as potential trading opportunities at this time: WEAT, JJG, DBA, CHOC, NIB, $COCOA, FCEL, DDS, M, AZPN, NVDA, SMH, IPI, MOS & POT.

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POT (Potash Corp) Long-term Outlook

Member @lee1 inquired about POT (Potash Corp) in the trading room & I figured that this one merits a post on the front page for all to see. My reply to lee1: I really like POT & some of the other agricultural stocks as long-term holds/investments going forward. If I recall correctly, POT maybe have very briefly and/or slightly clipped the suggested stop on the Growth & Income trade posted in 2016 (if so, needs to be updated & removed from the Active category) but I’ve held that one since then in a couple of long-term accounts & plan to tuck [...]

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Official Trade Ideas Overview (video)

This video reviews all of the official trade ideas, both long & short, that are currently listed as Active Swing Trades on Right Side Of The Chart. While the majority are still Active Trades, several of these trades have already hit their final price target or exceeded their maximum suggested stop & will be reassigned to the Completed Trades category asap. I wanted to cover those completed trades as some still look good & most importantly, suggested price targets & stops are just that; suggested. Traders & investors might opt to use their own targets & stops that are inline with [...]

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Active Long Trades Update (video)

This video covers the following long swing trades + growth & income trade ideas currently listed as Active Trades on Right Side Of The Chart: ACBFF (Aurora Cannabis), IPI (Intrepid Potash), MOS (The Mosaic Co.) & POT (Potash Corp) as well as two recently posted unofficial trade ideas, JO (coffee ETP) and X (US Steel Inc).

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Agricultural Sector Trade Ideas (video)

The following video details the charts of numerous trade ideas in the Agricultural & Agribusiness sector, including MOO (Agribusiness ETF). While the majority of these trade setups are bullish, there are a few bearish setups as well. Entry levels, price targets & suggested stops are listed for many of these trade ideas & members can request an update or additional details via the comment section below or within the trading room.

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POT Growth & Income Trade Update

My thoughts in reply to a question posted by @ixtlanian in the trading room: Q: Hi Randy, POT fell sharply today on earnings report, but just to the levels at which you last recommended a re-entry. MOS fell sharply as well, likely in unison. MOS reports earnings on Aug. 02. What would be your strategy now regarding these long trade ideas? Good re-entry point again? Wait for MOS earnings? R: Your thoughts mirror mine. I did see the move in POT yesterday & also checked MOS to see if it fell in sympathy, which it did to a lesser extent. POT [...]

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