Gold Mining Stocks Trade Ideas (video)

A brief overview of gold via GLD & /GC (gold futures) followed by detailed analysis, including price targets for my top picks within the components of GDX (gold miners ETF). This video starts out with brief analysis on gold & the gold mining sector via GLD, /GC & GDX followed [...]

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Top Gold & Silver Mining Stock Picks (video)

Technical analysis on my favorite trade ideas within the gold mining sector covering the outlook for a total of 13 individual gold & silver mining stocks. The following stocks are covered in this order: SBGL, CDE, TAHO, SSRM, AG, MUX, BVN, EGO, FNV, RGLD, KGC, GFi & IAG. Video playback [...]

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MUX final target hit

the MUX short trade entered the third and final target zone (T3) yesterday and came within pennies of the bottom of that target zone today so consider this trade completed.  MUX (formerly symbol UXG when i first posted the trade back on january 24th) resulted in a 42% gain from [...]

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Trade Ideas Video

For optimal viewing, choose the "Watch on YouTube" option, then choose the HD quality and Large player settings the bottom right of the video window. MAY 30th UPDATE:  PLEASE NOTE THAT SEVERAL OF THE TRADES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS VIDEO HAVE ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED AND ARE NOT LONGER ACTIVE TRADES.  THEREFORE, [...]

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MUX T2 hit

MUX hit T2 while i was out last week.  considered lowering stops to protect profits and/or taking some/all profits as it is quite oversold in the short and intermediate time frames.

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MUX T1 hit

fyi- T1 was hit (to the penny) today so consider taking some/all profits if you haven't already or at least ratcheting down your stops.  this one could see T2 if GDX turns down at that resistance zone that i posted earlier and of course, MUX will have to break below [...]

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GDX and MUX update

for anyone in the MUX short, it has now (finally) hit T1.  personally, i am holding out for at least T2 on this trade.  i've made several posts along the way which can be found doing a search on both "MUX" and "UXG" (previous ticker symbol).  this one was a [...]

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MUX update

i've been posting all along that although MUX blew past my resistance (my short entry) like it wasn't there, i was going to give it some rope and keep the trade on.  seemed like forever but it has now finally broken down below that level, which is/was now support.  i [...]

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