Technical Analysis of Gold & Commodities (video)

Technical analysis on gold, GDX & various commodities including crude oil, natural gas, copper, timber & various agricultural commodities. Playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video.

Highlighted Trade Ideas for Oct 3, 2017

This video covers the near-term outlook for some potential swing trading opportunities at this time with analysis on various stocks, ETNs, commodities and futures contracts. Covered in the following order is the outlook for: The precious metals & mining sector via the charts of /GC (gold futures), EUR/USD (euro-US Dollar pair) & GDX; Crude oil [...]

Energy Sector Analysis: Oil, Gas & Solar

This will be the first of several videos covering some of the sectors, industries and commodities that appear to be setting up for objective trading or investing opportunities. This video starts with an overview of XLE (Energy Sector ETF) followed by the outlook for XOP (Oil & Gas Exploration ETF), OIL (Crude Oil ETN), USO [...]

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Commodity ETN Analysis (video)

The following video covers both the near & longer-term outlook for various commodity tracking ETNs & ETFs. In addition to stand-alone swing trading opportunities, commodities can also provide diversification within an investment portfolio or trading account due to their low correlation with stocks, bonds or other asset classes. The following ETP's are covered in this [...]

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Friday Mid-Day Market Comments

$FXE (Euro ETF) continues to trade off these previously posted support & resistance levels (buy & sell level) very well as yesterday's pullback to the former resistance, now support level once again proved to be another timely entry for a quick trade back up to the 106.57 level.  Although we are back at the 106.60ish [...]

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CL (crude futures) Approaching Support, Bounce Likely

After peaking a 54.24 (4 cents above the bottom the aforementioned resistance zone) , CL (March crude futures) has now almost completed the expected pullback to the 50.00 support level. My expectation remains a reversal in crude at or slightly above the 50.00 area, where a long entry with a stop not far below would [...]

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