Long Trade Ideas Category Updated

The Long Trade Ideas on the site, including all sub-categories (Long Setups, Active Trades, Long-term Trades and Growth & Income Trades) have been updated. The following Long Trade ideas (i.e.- typical swing trades) have either exceeded their suggested stop (or any reasonable stop, if none suggested) or simply no longer look compelling from a R/R perspective. MM, ZINC, AVL, AXU, JO, EC, GDXJ, GDX*, GLD*, SLV*, SGG & REMX *GLD, SLV & GDX were removed from the Active Trades category as their previous price targets were hit. They remain as Active Long-term Trades at this time with updates to follow soon. [...]

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AXU Breakout

I received a price alert on AXU (Alexco Resource Group). This mining stock has taken out dual-resistance levels today; both the downtrend line as well as the horizontal resistance at 0.45 and looks to provide an objective long entry here. I do have my concerns about this breakout sticking as I made the case for a likely pullback in the mining sector in the previous post earlier today. With that being said, the charts look bullish so I'm going to add AXU as an Active Long Trade idea here at 0.46 with a suggested stop below 0.40 and a sole price [...]

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AXU long update

the AXU long trade was down big today after reporting earnings.  this trade was suggested to be scaled into using a small starter position for those interested in the pattern.  the reason for a small position size was for expected volatility of this potential bottoming play and the stop was listed as a solid close below weekly support.  as you can see from today's chart, AXU did close well below that level today but a weekly candlestick does not close until 4:00pm on friday.  of course, every trader must decided where to place their stops depending on their own unique trading [...]

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AXU long

here's a nice, potential long-term trade idea passed along to me by "The Stock Fox", an excellent resource for gold and silver stocks.  click here to see their charts & notes on the trade and i've posted my take on the charts below. essentially, AXU looks like an objective long entry around current levels as it has fallen to the bottom of both a multi-year support level as well as the bottom of the wedge shown on this 120 minute chart.  as this is a potential bottoming play, one might consider beginning to scale in around current levels with the next [...]

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