This video begins with a brief update on the silver ETF, SLV, followed by trade ideas on about a dozen or so individual silver mining stocks, including price targets. Silver or Gold level access initially required to view.

Bullet Points:

  • So far today, SLV (Silver ETF) is making an impulsive breakout above the downtrend line that was highlighted in the recent precious metals & miners videos, with some additional work to be done (as covered in the video) in order to firm up the breakout
  • Silver still appears to be poised to likely outperform gold in the intermediate-term (weeks to months) although the longer-term outlook on both remains bullish
  • This video covers the charts of roughly a dozen individual silver mining stocks, many of which are likely to outperform the silver mining ETFs; SIL (Silver Miners ETF) & SILJ (Junior Silver Miners ETF) although the benefits of trading the ETFs in lieu of individual stocks are simplicity, costs (one commission/trade vs. several+) and diversification.
  • Following a breif update on the charts of SLV, GLD & the $USD, the following silver & gold mining stocks are (roughly) covered in the following order:  AG, EXK, FSM, ASM, GPL, USAS, PAAS, SVM, MAG, WPM, AXU, AUY, CDE, HL, GORO, MUX, AUMN & TORXF.

note: Towards the end of the video there was an issue where the recording volume level drops off a bit so you may need to increase the volume at that point.