This video provides technical analysis of the Gold, Silver & the Silver Mining Stocks. The following are covered in this order: GLD, EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar forex pair), SLV (silver ETF), SIL (Global X Silver Miners ETF), SLVP (iShares Global Silver Miners ETF),WPM.TO, PAAS.TO, SSRM.TO, FR.TO,HL, SEA.TO ,LUG.TO, MAG.TO, FVI.TO, CDE, ELD.TO, DPM.TO, SVM.TO, MUX, PG.TO, EDR.TO, GORO, MYA.TO, GPR.TO, USA.TO, EXN.TO, GQM.TO & GGD.TO (with a few of those charts skipped over if the technicals are not clear). Silver or Gold level access initially required.

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