Long-Term Trade Ideas Updated

The following trades have been removed from the Long-term Trade Ideas category. EC: Failed to reach T1 before exceeding the suggested stop below 14.86. CDE: Hit the final target, T3 at 6.55 for a 56% gain earlier this year & should have been moved to the Long-Term Trades-Completed category back then. SGG: Fell just shy of the first target before moving lower to exceed the suggested stop below 29.00. KOL: Exceeded the suggested stop of a weekly close below 13.45. GFI: Gained over 50% from the initial entry, hitting & exceeding all listed price targets. However, the last update only mentioned [...]

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Long Trade Ideas Category Updated

The Long Trade Ideas on the site, including all sub-categories (Long Setups, Active Trades, Long-term Trades and Growth & Income Trades) have been updated. The following Long Trade ideas (i.e.- typical swing trades) have either exceeded their suggested stop (or any reasonable stop, if none suggested) or simply no longer look compelling from a R/R perspective. MM, ZINC, AVL, AXU, JO, EC, GDXJ, GDX*, GLD*, SLV*, SGG & REMX *GLD, SLV & GDX were removed from the Active Trades category as their previous price targets were hit. They remain as Active Long-term Trades at this time with updates to follow soon. [...]

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Market Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Unlike the typical videos that I publish which often focus on a particular sector, trade ideas, or an overview of the US and/or global stock markets, this video covers what I believe to be the some of the most significant developments in the financial markets at this time (US stock markets, currencies, precious metal stocks, crude oil) and wraps up with a few of the more promising trade ideas that I am following at this time, many of which are components of AND (Global X FTSE Andean 40 ETF). For those wishing to skip ahead, the follow securities are covered in [...]

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EC Long Entry Trigggered

EC daily April 6th The EC (Ecopetrol S.A.) trade setup has triggered a long entry on a breakout above both the top of the bullish falling wedge pattern as well as horizontal resistance. As such EC is now both an Active Swing Trade & well as an Active Growth & Income Trade. Price targets & suggested stop remain as posted in Wednesday's trade setup for EC. As always, all previous charts & notes on a trade can be quickly reference via the symbol tagging system. For example, at the bottom of this post, click on the symbol "EC" that [...]

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EC Growth & Income Trade Setup

EC daily April 1st EC (Ecopetrol S.A.) will trigger a long entry above 15.80 with a suggested stop below 14.86 (for both price targets, T1 & T2). With a current dividend yield of 15.30%, EC will be added as a trade setup in the Growth & Income Trade Ideas category. With the recent drop in crude oil prices, I would not be surprised to see EC cut its dividend in the near future but even a 66% reduction in the dividend would still provide an attractive yield of about 5% based on current prices. EC may or may not [...]

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