Long Trade Ideas Category Updated

The Long Trade Ideas on the site, including all sub-categories (Long Setups, Active Trades, Long-term Trades and Growth & Income Trades) have been updated. The following Long Trade ideas (i.e.- typical swing trades) have either exceeded their suggested stop (or any reasonable stop, if none suggested) or simply no longer look compelling from a R/R perspective. MM, ZINC, AVL, AXU, JO, EC, GDXJ, GDX*, GLD*, SLV*, SGG & REMX *GLD, SLV & GDX were removed from the Active Trades category as their previous price targets were hit. They remain as Active Long-term Trades at this time with updates to follow soon. [...]

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IWM Wedge Breakdown + AVL Breakout

IWM (Russell 2000 Index Tracking ETF) is currently trading below the bearish rising wedge pattern on the daily time-frame. As always, additional confirmation of this sell signal will come on a solid close (end-of-day) below the pattern as this is a daily-time frame. A link to the live, annotated chart of $RUT is available on the Live Chart Links widget on the right-side of the home page. IWM daily April 27th Officially, the recent TWM trade was stopped out as it pierced below the suggested stop of 34.50 on April 15th although I still believe that an IWM short [...]

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AVL Long Trade Setup

AVL weekly March 23rd AVL (Avalon Rare Earth Metals) will trigger a long entry on a break above both the 40 week ema (red line) & this weekly downtrend line. AVL was one of several Rare Earth stocks discussed in the Feb 19th Rare Earth Stocks Video which, at the time, was approaching the key 40 week exponential moving average (which is equivalent to the 200-day moving average). AVL, as with most of the other Rare Earth stocks which have been capped by the 40-week moving average during the vicious bear market the sector has been in over the [...]

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Rare Earth Metal Stocks Bullish Outlook (video)

This video begins with an analysis of the STOXX Global Rare Earth index, followed by the charts of REMX (rare earth index etf) and my tops picks for the sector amongst the Rare Earth related companies that trade on the US exchanges. Many of those individual stocks look poised for potential returns that measure well into the triple-digits, although both the expected volatility and downside risk with the individual stocks is very high as well. While somewhat lengthy, this video discusses both the near-term & longer-term outlook for both the sector as well as the individual rare earth companies. Although I [...]

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AVL Stopped Out

The AVL Long Trade Idea was stopped out last week as per the previously suggested criteria (a move below 0.75) and has been moved to the Completed Trades- Long category.

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AVL Long Trade Update

After hitting the first target for a 9% gain just 4 days after entry, AVL (Avalon Rare Metals) moved somewhat higher before reversing and has been backtesting the downtrend line since.  The pattern still looks constructive but the stock could continue to backtest for a while. As such, AVL will be considered stopped out on any move below 0.75.  Updated 2-day period chart.

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AVL First Target Hit & New Objective Entry

AVL triggered a long entry on Sept 16th & hit the first target for a quick 9% gain just 4 sessions later.  Yesterday the stock made a backtest of the long-term downtrend and as such, is once again offering an objective entry or add-on around current levels.  Stops should be determined based on one's entry price or average cost as well as their preferred target(s).  As stated in the original post, a downward adjustment to position sizing is suggested due to the inherent volatility, low price, and the above average risk & return potential of Avalon Rare Metals.  Previous & updated [...]

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