The following video provides updates on roughly two dozen of the recently highlighted swing trade ideas, including price targets & objective entry or re-entry levels. The video covers the trade ideas highlighted 3-weeks ago in the December 11th Swing Trading Ideas video, many of which have posted double-digit gains since then as well as some even posting triple-digit (100%+ gains) in less than 3 weeks.

The charts on a good percentage of these trade ideas still look constructive with the next objective buy points, stop levels & other considerations highlighted. In addition to the Dec 11th trade ideas, the video begins with a brief update on the equity markets as well as the recent PALL & GBTC trade ideas.

For those wishing to skip ahead to any particular trades, the following securities are covered in this order: QQQ, SPY, PALL, /PA, GBTC, OSTK, RIOT, CEI, DSKE, JMEI, ORMP, SAGE, FCEL, NK, LOGM, AXU, ALO, FPRX, ATRA, AGX, PUMP, SEMFF, RES & BLUE.

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Note: There seemed to be a minor issue with the audio quality so no need to bother trying to adjust your speakers.