STM traded below the suggested stop level a few weeks back, which should have been a sell trigger for active traders.  however, this stock still looks fairly constructive on the weekly and daily charts.  being that STM is listed in the Long-Term Trades category, i will leave it on as an active trade for now since it is still within a normal stop allowance range for a longer-term trader targeting the final target.  T4 is around 10.00 and considering the posted entry on this trade was less than .70 above current levels, calculating a 6:1 R/R on the trade (risk to reward ratio), which is a very favorable R/R, would allow for an 80 cent stop-loss allowance.  a 1.00 stop allowance from the 5.22 entry price, while definitely not worth it for a shorter-term trader targeting T1, would still provide a 4.8:1 RR for an investor targeting T4.