STM was a recently completely long trade that hit T1 before making an abrupt u-turn (great example of why i always recommend taking full or partial profits as target are hit or at least tightening up your stops).  anywho, keeping in mind that this is a counter-trend trade (translation: only for nimble or aggressive traders), STM looks poised for a nice pop if it breaks above this bullish falling wedge.  i marked a couple of minor resistance levels as well as my first two targets.  currently, i only favor T1 and will likely take full profits it it gets there (assuming the trade triggers and i decide to take it).  however, trading is dynamic, not static, and as such, i will assess the outlook for this trade based on current market conditions as it plays out, once again assuming that it triggers.  for example, if my market bias were to change from bearish to neutral or bullish, then i might favor the 2nd target or even add some additional targets.  as for now, i’d be happy with T1 for the approximate 12% gain, especially considering this is a counter-trend trade.  here’s the previous daily chart as well as today’s updated daily and 60 min chart.