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How to Configure The Charting Platform

A video tutorial on how to configure & use the free online charting platform as well as the mobile app. The charting application provides free real-time charts on stocks, ETF & futures contracts as well as cryptocurrencies & makes an excellent supplement to your primary charting platform. playback [...]

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How to Successfully Navigate the Next Bear Market

This video begins with an overview of two long-term indicators that warn of a significant bear market in the foreseeable future followed by a discussion on not only how to survive, but how to prosper during the next major downtrend in equities. Going forward, the stock market is likely to [...]

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Using Leverage In Your Trading or Investing

This is the third of three great questions posted in the trading room early today from member @sur-non that I figured was worth sharing on the front page of the site. My reply is simply my own opinion based on my experience as an active trader, investor & former stock [...]

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