the STM long has hit & exceeded the first target today and is currently up 29.7% from entry.  over the weekend, i plan to clean up the active trade ideas, both short and long, in order to condense the list to the most favorable trades as well as make room for some new trade ideas.  on the STM long, i had extended the stop parameter from the original post as i moved this to a long-term trade idea so i’d imagine that many traders were already stopped out.  being that i still believe that the odds for a very sharp & powerful correction on the broad market is elevated right now, i am considering removing STM from the active trade list over the weekend.  however, if anyone is still in this trade and would like to see further updates, please contact me & i will be glad to leave the trade on and continue to update it.  currently i favor T2 as the final target but again, this trade will be considered completed at today’s closing price unless i received feedback that some wish to continue to hold the position as a long-term swing trade or investment.