EQR final target hit

in case anyone did not take full profits at T1 for the quick gain and rode this one out (or re-cycled back into it on the pullback to entry/break-out level), EQR has now hit T2 and will be moved over to the completed trades category.  i'm going to post these charts in reverse chronological order this time as that might be a preferred format for those who only want to view the current chart.  i often post the string of charts made before, during and after a trade primarily for educational purposes as it helps to study the anatomy of a [...]

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EQR update

just in case anyone took EQR and did not take profits at T1 or ratchet up stops to protect profits (which i constantly harp on), the stock is back to around entry (the symmetrical triangle breakout) so consider placing stops around that level to at least assure a break-even on the trade or any remaining shares you might still hold.

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EQR update and targets added

i've added targets to the EQR symmetrical triange breakout posted yesterday for anyone that took it.  fyi- we are currently just below T1 as i type.

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EQR breaking out of symmetrical triangle

EQR looks to be breaking out to the upside on this symmetrical triangle, which would trigger a long-side entry.  targets TBD.  once again, be careful here with the markets still in close proximity to key resistance.  often Fed announcement days like this are very volatile and plagued with reversals and fake-out moves.  i usually prefer to let the dust settle and not initiate new positions until at least the following day.

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