Long Trade Ideas Update (video)

What started out as a 'quick overview' of the Active Long Trade ideas currently listed on the site, morphed into a longer video going discussing the outlook these long-side trade ideas as well as some trading tips & suggestions several ways in which to profit from the official trade ideas listed on the site. As this video is quite extensive, one could skip ahead to view the comments on any positions or trade ideas they are interested in. Registered users log in to view a listing to all trades covered, along with the point they are discussed in the video.

CLF Final Price Target Hit for a 37.2% Profit

CLF (Cliff's Natural Resources Inc) has hit the final target, T2 at 3.47, for a 37.2% gain in under 4 trading session. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops if holding out for either of the additional unofficial targets (T3 & T4). Previous updated daily charts below:

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CLF First Price Target Hit for an 18% Gain in Just 2 days

CLF (Cliff's Natural Resources Inc) has now hit the first price target, T1 at 2.99, for an 18.2% gain in just two trading sessions. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising your stops if holding out for T2, which remains the final target at this time. I may still extend the final targets to the T3 or T4 potential target levels, depending on how the charts of the basic materials sector & the broad markets play out in the coming days. Previous & updated daily charts:

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Long Trade Ideas Updated

The following long trades will be removed from the Active Trades category into the Completed Trades where they will be archived for future reference. Many of these trades already hit one or more profit target while others fell short of the first target before exceeding their suggested stop level or any reasonable stop, if none suggested. ANR: Hit the second target back on Nov 18th and moved slightly higher before reversing and falling back below both T2 & T1, thereby exceeding any reasonable stop. NRP: Hit the first target back on Oct 29th and then moved well below the entry price, [...]

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Coal Stocks Active Trades Update (video)

This video covers all 8 of the coal stocks in the Active Long Trades category as well as the Dow Jones US Coal Index ($DJUSCL). Following the discussion of the $DJUSCL, the coal stock trades are covered in the following order: ANR, BTU, CLD, CLF, KOL, NRP, RNO & WLT (for those wishing to skip forward to a particular trade).

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Tuesday Morning Comments + CLF T2 Hit

I was away from my desk most of the day yesterday and will be catching up on things today.  Yesterday the solars had a strong day which although was likely a short-covering rally, I plan to study the charts in depth today as well as watch for any follow-up strength, especially into the close today.  On the short-side, social media & the solar stocks (select stocks vs. the entire sector) seem to offer the best R/R at this time with the coal stocks still my favorite sector on the long side, even after posting some very strong gains over the last [...]

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