Completed Long Trade Ideas Batched Out

After hitting one or more of their profit targets (except for SUNE), the follow Long Trade ideas went on to exceed their maximum suggested stops and have been assigned to the Completed Long Swing Trades category to be archived for future reference: MBII- In the last update posted on March 1st, MBII had once again hit the T1 level for 29% profit since highlighted as a new objective long entry or add-on just 6 trading sessions earlier. MBII was stopped out on March 23rd on a daily close below 0.99 as per the suggested stop criteria. SUNE- A long entry on [...]

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Long Trade Ideas Update (video)

What started out as a 'quick overview' of the Active Long Trade ideas currently listed on the site, morphed into a longer video going discussing the outlook these long-side trade ideas as well as some trading tips & suggestions several ways in which to profit from the official trade ideas listed on the site. As this video is quite extensive, one could skip ahead to view the comments on any positions or trade ideas they are interested in. Registered users log in to view a listing to all trades covered, along with the point they are discussed in the video.

SUNE Long Trade Entry

SUNE will be added as an aggressive Active Long Trade & Long-term Trade here at 1.72 with a suggested stop on a daily close below 1.40 (or higher, if only targeting T1 or T2). SUNE just printed a divergent low on the daily time frame while also bouncing off long-term support as rarely seen oversold levels on the weekly time frame (10-year weekly chart below). Once again, this is an aggressive trade as SUNE is clearly in a vicious bear market with only some early & potential signs or a reversal so far. Due to the low price of this stock [...]

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