Cannabis Stocks Approaching Buy Zones (video)

An overview of all 29 marijuana stocks currently on my watchlist, many of which are currently offering objective entries or re-entries as they have pulled back to support following the post-election sell-off in the cannabis sector.

Marijuana Stock Trade Ideas (video)

This video covers the 29 marijuana stocks currently on my watchlist & highlights the key support levels & pullback targets that may offer the next objective long trade entries as well as some suggested stop-loss levels. The following cannabis related companies are covered in this order: MCOA, AMMJ, VAPE, ERBB, PHOT, CBIS, MCIG, GRNH, CNAB, [...]

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Cannabis Stock Trades Update (video)

I've recently communicated my preference to start booking profits among the various cannabis stock trade ideas that have been highlighted over the past couple of months. While the momentum has clearly been bullish lately, there are several reasons for taking profits and reducing exposure to the sector over the last few days, as discussed in [...]

Cannabis – Marijuana Stock Trade Ideas update (video)

This video provides an update to the recently highlighted cannabis/marijuana stock trade ideas. Several of these stocks have recently hit an initial or final profit target where it might be prudent to book partial or full profits and/or raise stops while some of the trade ideas have just recently broken out & still look poised [...]

Market Update & Cannabis Stock Trade Ideas (video)

This video starts out with an overview of the US stock market via the SPY & QQQ 60-minute charts which ends at the 9:56 mark, following by an update on each of these cannabis (marijuana) stock trade ideas, in the following order: SGBY, GRNH, AMMJ, CVSI, EDXC, CARA, CNAB, CGRW, CBIS, ACBFF, AERO, CBDS, CCAN, [...]

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Cannabis Stock Trade Ideas 9-20-16 (video)

This video covers some of the most bullish trade setups from my cannabis stock watchlist, including the recently highlighted ACBFF & CARA trade ideas. The video starts out with some important points to consider when trading these low-prices stocks most of which are prone to extreme powerful rips & dips, especially when the momentum traders [...]

Cannabis Sector Swing Trade Setups

Several cannabis stocks are starting to move on increased volume lately, which could be an early sign that the momentum players could be coming in. Numerous trade setups with suggested buy triggers and profit targets are highlighted in this video as well as some suggestions for trading many of these thinly traded, very aggressive stocks.