MLP & Energy Sector Trade Ideas (video)

Potential swing trade & investment setups in the energy sector including MLP's & ETF's. Playback speed can be increased using the setting icon at the bottom of the video to reduce the duration of the video.

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Energy Sector Trade Ideas & Analysis (video)

Analysis of the energy sector including about 2 dozen individual stock trade ideas that stand out as potential trading opportunities at this time. For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular stock or ETF, the following securities are covered in this order: XOP, APA, HES, MRO, PE, NFX, CHK, SWN, PDCE, INT, GPOR, XOG, QEP, OAS, WLL, SM, CRZO, GPRE, REN, DNR, SN, CRC, SLB, COP, OXY, HAL, ETP & XCO. During the analysis of XOP (Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF) at the beginning of the video, a couple of potentially important technical developments to watch for, both [...]

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CHK Resistance & Unofficial Target Hit & Then Some

$5.00 resistance/unofficial price target on CHK was just hit. Pullback is likely although the stock could punch up through that horizontal resistance + downtrend line any day now, possibly today. I just sold all shares but will keep this one on my radar for another possible long entry. CHK daily April 12th Should CHK breakout, any or all of the horizontal lines overhead are likely price targets. CHK is now trading at 5.12 as I type, above both the horizontal resistance & the downtrend line. Just keep in mind that intraday overshoots of resistance when the momentum is very [...]

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CHK: Ding-Ding!

Ding-Ding! (As in the bell for round 2 in CHK that rang at the open today, or more accurately, started ringing in pre-market this morning when I highlighted the stock catching a nice bid in pre-market session). By all accounts, today' price action appears to be the start of round 2, with the first round being that 1-day, 49% gain from the last (and official) trade on CHK about 5-weeks ago. This update is more for those that took a long position in CHK (Chesapeake Energy) today as even if the stock pulled all the way back to retest [...]

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CHK: Round 2?

CHK (Chesapeak Energy Corp) was a recent official long trade (March 2nd - 3rd) that hit the final target for a 49% gain in less than 24 hours from entry. After kissing the downtrend line & pulling back within this falling wedge pattern, the stock now looks ready for the next thrust up. CHK daily April 11th As the stock has started to move in pre-market, I'm going to wait see how it opens before deciding whether or not to add this as an official trade idea. Whether I do or don't, for those interested, my initial & minimum [...]

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Long Trade Ideas Update (video)

What started out as a 'quick overview' of the Active Long Trade ideas currently listed on the site, morphed into a longer video going discussing the outlook these long-side trade ideas as well as some trading tips & suggestions several ways in which to profit from the official trade ideas listed on the site. As this video is quite extensive, one could skip ahead to view the comments on any positions or trade ideas they are interested in. Registered users log in to view a listing to all trades covered, along with the point they are discussed in the video.

Closing CHK Trade Early for a 49% 1-day Gain

Upon further review of the charts, including the fact that XOP (S&P Oil & Gas E&P ETF) is approaching resistance were a reaction is likely, I have decided to close the CHK (Chesapeak Energy Corp) trade here at 4.64, locking in a 49.2% gain in less that 24 hours. The fact CHK moved up so close to the final target in less than 24 hours allows me to lock in gains & have that capital ready to redeploy on the next trading opportunity, as I've discussed in the past using the term velocity (my explanation is pasted at the bottom of [...]

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