Short Trades Category Updated

The following recent Active Short Trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category in order to make room for some more attractive trading opportunities.  Some of these trades hit a profit target while others fell short of their first profit target and have exceeded their previously suggested stop level and/or any reasonable stop level, if one was not suggested.  There are several Active Short trades under review for removal in order to made room for new trade ideas.  All Completed Trades on, successful or not, are always moved to the Completed Trades category for future reference. CYH: Stopped out [...]

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HIG Short Setup

HIG would have to rank amongst my favorite setups right now as the stock looks to offer an objective short entry on a break below this daily uptrend line/bearish rising wedge pattern.  Both the weekly & daily charts are in alignment for a potential multi-month swing short trade to my preferred target of 23.20. More active traders might prefer to take partial or full profits at the first target (T1 at 28.15).  Stops to be determined upon entry. As anyone who has followed RSOTC for a while knows, I put a heavy weighting on divergences, both positive & negative when formulating [...]

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financial sector bear-flags

when i look at XLF (financial sector etf) and it's components, i see tons of bear flags and bearish pennants on the daily to 60 minute frames.  here's some 4 hour charts and several XLF components.  i'm aware that the last few days have had an underlying bullish tone, with the markets rallying into the close to recoup losses and close green but this is something to keep an eye on for now IMO.  

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