Unofficial trade ideas are trade ideas that may or may not list specific stops & exact price targets and may or may not be followed up with. Unofficial trade ideas will only be moved to the Active and Completed Trade categories if they are first published as being recategorized as an official trade idea.

GDX, GLD & EUR/USD Reverse Off Target Zones

We had a few significant technical developments in GLD (gold ETF), GDX (gold miners ETF) & the EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar pair) both yesterday & so far today which could indicate that the anticipated correction in gold & the Euro may have run its course. The first chart on each below is from Friday's post, Watching [...]

Pandora (P) Trade Idea

P (Pandora Media Inc) appears to offer an objective long entry here for a bounce trade up to at least the 9ish level & possibl=y the 10 area. On the daily time frame, followed by the 60-minute chart below, Pandora is backtesting this downtrend line following the recent breakout while the PPO trend indicator (9-ema) [...]

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Watching US Dollar, Euro & Gold for Trade Entry On GDX

The dollar pulled back at 8:30am ET today on the payroll & wage data release. That impulsive but so far, relatively minor pullback might be enough to trigger a breakdown below this 60-minute bearish rising wedge pattern on the €EUR/$USD pair. When the EUR/USD moves down, that indicates the dollar falling against the Euro, which [...]

Solar Stocks Trade Ideas & Sector Analysis (video)

This video covers all of the solar stock trade ideas that I've been highlighting since early April, most of which have mounted gains in the high double-digits to triple digits. Updates on those trade as well as some additional trade ideas along with my near-term & longer-term outlook for the solar sector.

NAO & NNA Trade Setups

Here are a couple of potential & unofficial trade setups that I posted in the trading room earlier today. These are both low-priced, very small (only $221m & $73m in market cap) shipping stocks which makes these very aggressive trade ideas. However, with above average risk or loss comes above average potential for gains so [...]

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