Unofficial trade ideas are trade ideas that may or may not list specific stops & exact price targets and may or may not be followed up with. Unofficial trade ideas will only be moved to the Active and Completed Trade categories if they are first published as being recategorized as an official trade idea.

IHI Analysis & Medical Device Trade Ideas (video)

Analysis on IHI (Medical Device Sector ETF) along with several individual medical device stocks that are setting up as attractive swing trading opportunities. Chart formations, support & resistance levels as well as potential price targets are covered on most of these trade ideas. For those wishing to skip ahead to analysis on a particular stock [...]

$WHEAT & WEAT (ETN) Backtesting Support

Member @ixtlanian inquired in the trading room if WEAT in objective long re-entry position now? Based on both the charts of $WHEAT (continuous futures contract) and WEAT (wheat ETN) it would appear so. $WHEAT is close to backtesting this downtrend line following the recent breakout & divergent low, thereby offering another objective long entry or [...]

SPG On Watch For A Breakout

SPG (Simon Property Group) has recently put in a divergent low following a 34% "death to all-things retail a la Amazon" bear market, as SPG is the world's largest shopping mall REIT. Retail companies & the shopping mall REITs have certainly felt the pain from the shift towards online retailers but they are not dead [...]

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