This video covers the charts of about half the stocks currently on my watch-list as potential long and short trading opportunities. The video begins very brief overview of the broad market as well as the breakout above the triangle pattern that was highlighted yesterday on the USO 60-minute chart. Following the USO commentary, the following trade ideas are discussed in this order: COP, SEDG, CSIQ, LL, BAS, PIR, TSRO, ELLI, CNAB, AXAS, ACPW, ASPS, PLCE, MNKD, BITA, YELP,CVSI, SHOS, SMH, BBW & ALDR

There were some issues with loading the charts during the video which turns out was due to an issue with my internet service provider (extremely slow download speed) which I’m currently troubleshooting with them. As soon as my internet speed is returned to normal, I will compose & publish the second video, covering the remaining trade ideas that I’m currently tracking.