YELP will be added as an Active Short Trade here in anticipation of an imminent breakdown below this rising wedge pattern. Negative divergences on the MACD & RSI help to confirm the bearish nature of the rising wedge pattern & with this YELP recently failing at the 42.70ish resistance level, this trade offers an attractive R/R with a suggested stop above 43.32.

While shorting a stock while still inside of a rising wedge pattern in anticipation of a breakdown that has yet to occur is certainly an somewhat aggressive trading strategy, a more conservative/conventional short entry could be taken on a breakdown below the wedge pattern (or a partial short position here, adding only if/when prices break below the wedge).

The idea entry range would be as high as 42.70 down to 39.25 although one’s stops should be calculated based on their unique entry price(s) while the current price is 41.36. The suggested beta-adjustment for this trade is 0.9.