Short Trade Ideas Updated

The following trade ideas have been removed from the Active Short Trades categories as they have either exceeded their previous suggested stops (or any reasonable stop, if none suggested) or the stock simply no longer looks to offer an attractive R/R at this time. Some of these trades may have already hit one or more profit targets while others did not. Most trade ideas on RSOTC are immediately removed from the Active Trades category upon reaching the final profit [...]

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Trade Updates & Market Thoughts

From time to time, I will share a reply to a question that I've received which might have some usefulness to others following the trade ideas or market commentary on RSOTC.  The following trades; GRA, HSNI, GIS, & ABG, as well as my thoughts on the market are discussed below: Question: I must ask if it's wise to hold the shorts GRA, HSNI, GIS and ABG given the expected bounce off S&P support.  I've read projections that the S&P could go as high as 1830 on this rebound.  I realize each stock is a different situation so generic answer may not [...]

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ABG First Target Hit + Trading Tip

The ABG (Asbury Automotive) Active Short Trade has hit the first target (T1 at 46.75) for a 9.7% gain since entry just a couple of weeks ago.  Consider booking partial or full profits and/or lowering stops, depending on your trading plan.  The reason that multiple targets are used on RSOTC is to accommodate various trading styles.  Short-term, more active swing traders might prefer to book partial or full profits at one of the initial target levels or possibly micro-manage a position around these levels (sell/cover on the target & go long again/re-short on the bounce).  Less active swing traders might choose [...]

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ABG Short Update

The ABG (Asbury Automotive) short setup triggered a short entry (on a move below 51.77) on Friday and continues to fall today.  With another 23% downside before the final & preferred swing target (T3 at 40.80), ABT still has a lot of meat left on the bone.  As always, reactions (bounces or consolidations) are expected around each target level which may allow more nimble/active traders to micro-manage the trade by covering some or all of their position as a target level is hit and possibly even reversing the trade (short to long) to play a bounce, assuming that the intraday charts [...]

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ABG Short Trade Setup

ABG daily Jan 9th ABG (Asbury Automotive) is another component of the XRT Retail ETF.  Although the stock is currently trading slightly below this primary uptrend line, my preference will be to wait for a move below today's current low of 51.77 before establishing a short position.  This should help to reduce the chances of shorting a whipsaw/false sell signal such as those that occurred back in April & June of 2013.  Stops should depend on one's preferred price target although a move over the recent highs would be a logical stop for most traders.

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