Long Trade Ideas Updated

The following long trades will be removed from the Active Trades category into the Completed Trades where they will be archived for future reference. Many of these trades already hit one or more profit target while others fell short of the first target before exceeding their suggested stop level or any reasonable stop, if none [...]

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Friday Morning Comments & Trade Updates

I will be away from my desk for most of the day and might post some charts or commentary later today, should we get any significant technical developments in the market or with an of the active trade ideas.  We did have a couple of trade ideas hit profit targets recently, which I will post [...]

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ZYGA & Social Media Stocks Update

New market commentary & trade ideas/updates continue to be light as there hasn't been any significant developments to report in the broad market (other than a flurry of additional bearish topping candlesticks over the last few days).  I have come across several new trade ideas this week which I plan to cull through in order [...]

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ZNGA Long Setup

I continue to believe that the social media stocks may likely be in the latter stages of a blow-off top as per the recent Social Media: The Next Great Bubble post and  ZNGA (Zynga Inc.) happens to be one of the top holdings of the SOCL, Global X Social Media ETF.  However, regardless of my [...]

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