The following video provides analysis of 20 global stock markets via the charts of the iShares global ETFs, several of which look to be setting up as attractive swing trading opportunities. Entry points, price targets & key technical levels are highlighted for each.For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular country, the following ETF are covered in this order:

  • EWJ (Japan)
  • EWG (Germany)
  • EWY (South Korea)*
  • EWZ (Brazil)
  • EWC (Canada)
  • EWT (Taiwan)
  • EWU (United Kingdom)
  • EWH (Hong Kong)
  • EWA (Australia)
  • EWW (Mexico)*
  • EWL (Switzerland)
  • EWP (Spain)
  • EWI (Italy)
  • EWS (Singapore)
  • EWQ (France)*
  • EWM (Malaysia)
  • EWD (Sweden)*
  • EWN (Netherlands)*
  • EWK (Belgium)*
  • EWO (Austria)*

*Asterisks denote the ETFs that stand out as some of the more promising trade setups.

If you click the YouTube icon at the bottom right once playback has begun, it will open in YouTube with the option to increase the playback speed by up to 2x, thereby reducing the duration of the video.