Market Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Technical analysis on the US stock market, oil, gold, energy stocks & several trade ideas that stand out at this time. There is quite a bit covered in this video so you might want to increase the playback speed of the video (under settings) to 1.25 or 1.5x to reduce the duration.

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Cannabis Stock Trade Ideas & Commentary (video)

This is the 3rd of at least 5 videos that I plan to publish today covering any sectors, industries or commodities that stand out as potential trading or investing opportunities with attractive risk-to-reward profiles. As I've posted extensive coverage of dozens of individual marijuana stock setups in recent weeks, this video focuses mainly on some of the considerations & strategies to consider when trading the high-flying (no pun intended) stocks, many of which have posted double & even triple-digit percent gains in just the past few weeks or even days. Brief updated on about a half-dozen or so cannabis trades as [...]

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Cannabis Stocks Trade Ideas, part 1 (video)

As per requested by @stock51 in the trading room, this video is part 1 of 2 videos on the 40 stocks in my Cannabis watchlist, covering the first 20 stocks with key technical levels. Bottom line is that there is a mixed bag of technicals in the cannabis stocks right now; some bullish setups & recent breakouts along with some bearish chart patterns & recent breakdowns with the majority of marijuana stocks trading sideways to slightly lower as they continue to digest the huge gains & overbought conditions from the rally leading up to the US elections in November. The following [...]

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Analysis of Cannabis Stocks (video)

This video reviews the individual charts of all 36 stock in my Cannabis Watch-list, most of which have been highlighted as trade ideas in previous videos, the trading room or as official trades on the front page. Due to the large number of stocks, this video is unusually long. As such, I've listed the order in which these stocks are covered so you can skip ahead to any current or potential trades that you may be interested in: CBIS, AMMJ, TRTC, CANN, CBDS, VAPE, CNAB, EDXC, CVSI, CGRW, MJNA, AERO, ACBFF, CCAN, CARA, GRNH, SGBY, MCIG, EAPH, MCOA, DEWM, PHOT, ENRT, [...]

Marijuana/Cannabis Trades Update 10-12-16 (video)

A review of the charts of the recently highlighted cannabis (marijuana) stock trade ideas, many of which are at or approaching key profit targets. Key support & resistance levels are highlighted in addition to price targets & objective levels to buy or add to these stocks on a pullback or another breakout above resistance.

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