Gold, Silver, Platinum, GDX & US Dollar Analysis (video)

It appears that the precious metals, mining stocks & the US Dollar are at important technical junctions that could determine the next major trend in each. This video covers those levels as well as the near & longer-term outlook for gold, silver, platinum, GDX, the US Dollar & the Euro.

Gold, Silver, GDX & US Dollar Analysis

Member @dpatel inquired about my thoughts for the precious metals & mining stocks. As I believe that any analysis on gold & silver isn't complete without including the outlook for the US Dollar, let's start there. My preferred scenario has the US Dollar Index continuing down to the 93ish level followed by a bounce & [...]

GDX, GLD & UUP Update & QQQ Analysis

GLD (Gold ETF) went on to break down below the 60-minute bearish rising wedge pattern posted yesterday with UUP (U.S. Dollar ETN) also breaking out above the bullish descending price channel. Hard to say where this pullback would end but I favor the reversal to come anywhere from the top to the bottom of the [...]