Trade Ideas Overview (video)

An overview of some of the recent individual stock & sector trade ideas, both long & short, shared on Right Side Of The Chart. For those wanting to skip ahead to a particular trade idea, the following stocks & ETFs are covered in this order: CARA, TEVA, USRM, CLVS, NVDA, LI.V, LIACF, PBYI, PTLA, TINY, FCEL, HIMX, SMH, XSD, SOXX, XLF, GLD & GDX.

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Short Trades Category Updated

The following recent Active Short Trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category in order to make room for some more attractive trading opportunities.  Some of these trades hit a profit target while others fell short of their first profit target and have exceeded their previously suggested stop level and/or any reasonable stop level, if one was not suggested.  There are several Active Short trades under review for removal in order to made room for new trade ideas.  All Completed Trades on, successful or not, are always moved to the Completed Trades category for future reference. CYH: Stopped out [...]

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Short Trades Update (video)- Part 2

This is the second and final video covering the highlighted Active Short Trade Ideas (with a separate video covering the Long Trade Ideas to follow). The trade ideas/charts are discussed in the following order: HSOL, HTZ, JASO, JPM, KBH, M, MIC, NTRS, OSTK, PWRD, QIHU, SPB, TSLA, YUM, & Z. To skip ahead to coverage on a particular stock, click & drag the circle white circle on the timeline at the bottom of the video. I find that these videos are best viewed using the Fullscreen option on phones, tablets and laptops while the Large Player size (available when playing the [...]

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Bearish Pennant Formation on the HTZ Short Trade

HTZ (Hertz Global Holdings Inc.) has formed a bearish pennant on this bounce back to resistance (shown here on the daily chart but also visible on the weekly chart).  The pattern measurement (dotted arrow) lines up nicely with the long-standing first target of 18.20.  A new short entry or add-on will trigger on a break below the pattern.  As such, HTZ will be added back added back to the Short Setups category as well as remain an Active Trade for now.  New suggested stops have been added added just above significant resistance levels.  HTZ is an Active Trade that originally triggered [...]

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HTZ Short Update

The HTZ short trade still looks very promising with prices now moving impulsively lower following the third failed attempt to take out it's 2007 all-time highs.  Following the original short entry, the stock managed a second and then third attempt at a breakout above the previous all-time highs put in back at the end of the prior bull market [...]


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Additional Short Trade Ideas

I spent some time pouring over the charts last night looking for trade ideas.  In doing so, I came up with numerous candidates, both long and short.  Some of these trade ideas are already listed as Active Trades on the site and/or Trade Setups while many are not. I'm going to start with the short trades here & plan to follow up with some of the Long Trade Ideas soon.  Some of these trades are currently offering objective short entries at current levels while others are still setting up in bearish chart patterns, awaiting a formal breakdown or sell trigger.  I [...]

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Hertz So Good…

...Or still looks good, I should say (couldn't resist the John Cougar Mellencamp spoof).  HTZ remains one of the better looking swing-short trades and although it's up nicely from the previous entry points, it still offers an objective entry or add-on as the first target is still 23% below current levels (27.8% gain if T2 is hit).  Best to adjust your stops lower when adding to a short position at lower levels (thereby lowering your average cost).  Updated daily & weekly charts:

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