Energy Sector Trade Ideas & Analysis (video)

Analysis of the energy sector including about 2 dozen individual stock trade ideas that stand out as potential trading opportunities at this time. For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular stock or ETF, the following securities are covered in this order: XOP, APA, HES, MRO, PE, NFX, CHK, SWN, PDCE, INT, GPOR, XOG, [...]

QEP Price Target Hit For 19% Gain

QEP 120 minute Feb 13th QEP (QEP Resources) has hit the sole profit target zone (22.50-22.85) for about a 19% gain from entry exactly one month ago today. With QEP trading as high as 22.75 so far today (just shy of the upper-end of the zone), consider booking full profits as QEP will [...]

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QEP Poised For a 10%+ Run

QEP was one of several long-side trade ideas mentioned on Jan 13th. The horizontal resistance levels on this daily chart are possible longer-term swing targets, should oil prices reverse trend soon. However, the official near-term bounce target is currently the 22.50-22.85 resistance zone (see 2-hour chart). QEP has been consolidating between the 20.50 [...]

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Peak Oil vs. Oil Glut

The longer that I trade & invest, the more it seems like I'm watching the same movie played over & over every few years. It's the never ending cycle of booms & busts and if I were to categorize the genre of movies that I'm watching, I'd have to lean more towards labeling them as [...]

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