Energy Sector Trade Ideas & Analysis (video)

Analysis of the energy sector including about 2 dozen individual stock trade ideas that stand out as potential trading opportunities at this time. For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular stock or ETF, the following securities are covered in this order: XOP, APA, HES, MRO, PE, NFX, CHK, SWN, PDCE, INT, GPOR, XOG, QEP, OAS, WLL, SM, CRZO, GPRE, REN, DNR, SN, CRC, SLB, COP, OXY, HAL, ETP & XCO. During the analysis of XOP (Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF) at the beginning of the video, a couple of potentially important technical developments to watch for, both [...]

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QEP Price Target Hit For 19% Gain

QEP 120 minute Feb 13th QEP (QEP Resources) has hit the sole profit target zone (22.50-22.85) for about a 19% gain from entry exactly one month ago today. With QEP trading as high as 22.75 so far today (just shy of the upper-end of the zone), consider booking full profits as QEP will now be moved to the Completed Trades category. QEP, along with all the other energy stocks mentioned on Jan 13th, still has the potential to morph into a much longer-term trade/investment so if you plan to hold out for additional gains, at least consider raising stops [...]

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QEP Poised For a 10%+ Run

QEP was one of several long-side trade ideas mentioned on Jan 13th. The horizontal resistance levels on this daily chart are possible longer-term swing targets, should oil prices reverse trend soon. However, the official near-term bounce target is currently the 22.50-22.85 resistance zone (see 2-hour chart). QEP has been consolidating between the 20.50 & 18.30ish range. A break above the top of the trading range will likely propel QEP towards the resistance zone at 22.50-22.85, about 11-13% above current levels. Also note that QEP recently broke above a downtrend line/bullish falling wedge pattern although the breakout has yet to [...]

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Peak Oil vs. Oil Glut

The longer that I trade & invest, the more it seems like I'm watching the same movie played over & over every few years. It's the never ending cycle of booms & busts and if I were to categorize the genre of movies that I'm watching, I'd have to lean more towards labeling them as comedies vs. dramas. The comedic part is the infallible repetitive nature of the general public, the mainstream media and, of course, the part played by the puppeteers pulling the strings. Funny to see how bearish the most recent headlines are AFTER crude has plunged nearly 60% [...]

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