Technical Analysis of Gold & Commodities (video)

Technical analysis on gold, GDX & various commodities including crude oil, natural gas, copper, timber & various agricultural commodities. Playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video.

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Stock Market, Semiconductor & Energy Sector Analysis (video)

Technical analysis on the stock market via QQQ along with SOXX (semiconductor ETF) followed by the outlook for the energy sector via crude oil & natural gas. Several trade ideas on indivudial stocks & ETFs are included at the end of the video. Note: Playback speed can be increased in the video settings to reduce the duration of the video.

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Commodity ETN Analysis (video)

This is the 5th & final video for today covering the sectors & commodities that look to either be setting up or currently offering objective trading opportunities. This video starts out with a quick look at the charts of natural gas & gasoline followed by updates on the various agricultural commodities that have recently been highlighted as both swing trading opportunities as well as potential bottoming plays (longer-term trend trades/investments).

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Natural Gas Analysis & Price Targets

In the comment section below today's Index & Sector Analysis video, in which I briefly touched on natural gas, member @murphydoc inquired: 'So is Nat gas a buy? What would be your target?' Although I'm personally long nat gas, I decided not to add it as an official trade idea because I'd prefer to see the charts firm up a bit more before doing so. Although my entry was based on what I think was a sound technical case, it was most certainly an aggressive, 'catch-a-falling-knife' trade.  Fortunately, or at least so far, I was able to go long right at [...]

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UNG & UGAZ Backtesting with a divergent high

I'm walking out the door to leave town for a couple of days but will try to reply to any questions remotely and post any significant developments that might occur in the markets. I had a request from @ixtlanian in the trading room for an update on UGAZ. It appears that the recent bounce off support may soon have run its course as UGAZ has put in another divergent high on the 60-minute time frame while UNG is backtesting this large bearish rising wedge on the daily time frame where a reversal is likely.

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