Right Side Of The Chart provides trade ideas for both the active swing trader as well as the casual investor. Swing trading is one of the most popular forms of active trading, whereby traders look to profit from a short to intermediate-term trend in a stock with typical holding periods ranging from several days to several months. The swing trade ideas on RSOTC are typically first shared as Trade Setups via a post containing one or more annotated charts of a stock or ETF that is setting up in a well-defined chart pattern which indicates that the security is poised for a bullish or bearish trend.

Trade setups will list the reasoning behind the trade along with a specific entry trigger (buy or sell short), one or more price targets, a suggested stop-loss level and a suggested beta-adjusted position size for the trade idea. The suggested beta-adjusted position size takes into account the expected volatility of the stock or ETF as well as other unique considerations for the position that may increase or decrease the potential risk factors for the trade relative to a position in the S&P 500.

In addition to Swing Trade ideas, RSOTC also provides Long-term Trade Ideas which are comprised of Trend Trades, or trades attempting to capture the bulk of a longer-term trend, as well as Growth & Income Trades, which are trade ideas that offer the potential for both growth, based on a bullish technical and/or fundamental outlook , as well as income from an above-average dividend yield. The expected holding periods of the Long-term Trade ideas typically range from 6 months to a year or more.

Trade ideas are shares as either official or unofficial trades. Official trade ideas are always posted on the home page of RSTOC with an email notification of the trade idea and any updates to that trade sent to all Silver & Gold members, as well as those on a trial period. The official trades will list the reasoning behind the trade as well as the suggested trade parameters mentioned above (entry trigger, price targets, stops, etc.). All official trade ideas, successful or not, will receive follow-up posts on any significant developments with the trade including updates if/when each price target or the suggested stop is hit.

Unofficial trades are trade ideas that may or may not list specific stops & exact price targets and may or may not be followed up with. Unofficial trade ideas will only be moved to the Active and Completed Trade categories if they are first published as being recategorized as an official trade idea. Some of the unofficial trades are posted on the front page (Silver & Gold access only) via posts with written commentary & charts and/or video coverage while the majority of the unofficial trade ideas are shared in the trading room, which requires Gold level access to view.

In addition to an unparalleled track record of exceptional performance with market calls & profitable trades, one thing that sets RSOTC apart from similar services is transparency. All trade ideas, winners and losers, as well as every single post* ever published on RSOTC.com since inception back on January 1, 2012, can be viewed in our archives. This allows for prospective members to view our past trades as well analysis on the equity markets, commodities, gold, individual stocks, ETFs, sectors and more. *All trade ideas are released for public viewing once the trade has either hit the final price target or exceeded the maximum suggested stop while member-only analysis is released for public viewing after a limited time period ranging from several weeks to several months.