Trade Ideas & Market Developments to Watch for This Week

Potential trade ideas & developments to watch for this week in the stock market, select commodities, sectors, currencies. The video starts with coverage of the Euro, US Dollar & gold mining stocks, then stock market analysis via QQQ & SPY followed by some potential trade ideas on individual stocks & sector ETFs.

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Solar Stocks Trade Ideas & Sector Analysis (video)

This video covers all of the solar stock trade ideas that I've been highlighting since early April, most of which have mounted gains in the high double-digits to triple digits. Updates on those trade as well as some additional trade ideas along with my near-term & longer-term outlook for the solar sector.

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Energy Sector Analysis: Oil, Gas & Solar

This will be the first of several videos covering some of the sectors, industries and commodities that appear to be setting up for objective trading or investing opportunities. This video starts with an overview of XLE (Energy Sector ETF) followed by the outlook for XOP (Oil & Gas Exploration ETF), OIL (Crude Oil ETN), USO (United Stated Oil Fund LP) and concludes with detail coverage of the solar sector, inducing TAN (solar ETN) and updates on all of the solar stocks that were first highlighted as setting up for what could be "potential explosive rallies" the April 4th Solar Stock Trade [...]

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Solar Stock Trade Ideas (video)

This video highlights long-side trade setups on individual solar stocks as well as TAN (solar ETF) with buy points & price targets. Included are the most of solar stock trade ideas highlighted back on in this post from April 4th as well as this follow-up post on May 25th. For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular trade idea, the following stocks are covered in this order: SEDG, SPWR, CSIQ, HQCL, FSLR, VSLR, GLBL, JKS, RUN, TERP, VNP.TO, JASO, YGE, TAN (etf), ASTI & BSRC.

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Solar Stock Updates + Additional Setups

As a follow-up to the Solar Stock Trade Setups post from April 4th, the majority of those trade ideas have exhibited very bullish price action, which I'll update below along with some additional long-side trade setups in the solar sector. SPWR (SunPower Corp) has rallied over 41% since posted as an aggressive long trade idea here at the bottom of the wedge just 7 weeks ago & still looks good up to at least T2 & possible T3. Trading around 1/10th of 1 cent, ASTI (Ascent Solar Technologies) is the most aggressive/speculative of all the solar trade setups that [...]

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FSLR Price Targets Hit, Closing L/T Trade Early for a 35% Profit

FSLR (First Solar Inc) gapped beyond T2, opening at 32.47 today where any standing GTC sell limit orders at 33.47 would have been filled. As any sell limit orders at 31.92 would have been bypassed & filled at the open, T2 was revised to 32.47 for a 21.4% profit as the final target for the Swing Trade. Due to the quick profits & fact that FSLR is now very overbought & likely to experience a considerable pullback before the original Long-term Trade final target (38.35) is hit, I am revising the final L/T Trade target to current levels, 36.00, for a [...]

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