Russell 2000 video overview

I've received a few comments lately regarding the strength of the Russell 2000 (small caps) so I made this video to share my thoughts on the index.  I also covered the charts on the following components of that index in order to get a better feel on where the index itself is likely to go from here.  Many of these stocks are either active or recently completed trades on the site so for those who wish to skip forward in the video, here's a list of the charts in the order discussed: $RUT weekly, $RUT daily, $RUT 60 min, WNR, GCO, [...]

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PJC target hit

the PJC short trade has hit both the daily time frame bear-flag projections as well as the final target (T1) shown on the 5/30/12 Investment Brokerage Sector video, which covered that trade.  gain from entry is 13.7% so consider booking partial or full profits, according to your trading plan.  i might add some additional downside targets to this trade later but i'd like to revisit the charts of the brokerage sector and it's various components first.  daily & 2-day charts in order as posted:

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investment brokerage sector – red flags still waving

if you missed the post on the investment brokerage sector last week, you might want to review it by clicking here.  here's the updated chart showing that this sector continues to be in near free-fall mode, with the entire sector down nearly 24% in less than just about the last 7 weeks.  i was going to post some of the individual charts of concern as i'd imagine the majority of people reading this post have money at one or more of the following brokerage firms.  however, since most of the charts look very similar, here are a few of the names [...]

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PJC Piper Jaffray

regarding my post on the investment brokerages below, here's the daily chart of PJC, which looks like a text-book short to me.  what's nice about this set-up, which i am also adding on an active trade, is that it just broke down from a smaller bear flag which also coincided with a breakdown from a larger uptrend channel.  initial target is market although keep in mind that the chart looks very bearish from a longer-term (weekly chart) perspective so i may add additional targets as/if the trade plays out.  stops always vary depending on one's trading style, profit target, risk tolerance, [...]

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