ACI Final Target Hit for a 41% Profit

The ACI (Arch Coal) short trade has hit the final target, T3at 5.82, for a 41.2% gain in less than 2 trading sessions. Consider booking full profits or at least trailing stops down to protect gains. Although I still think the odds for a continued move towards the 5.30 level that was originally posted as the final target is likely, I have decided to book full profits here as the odds of a potentially sharp snap-back rally will begin to rise from here. ACI 15 minute Sept 2nd A post updating this trade, including the new revised final price [...]

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ACI Second Price Target Hit For 25% Gain, T3 Revised

ACI hit both the first & second price targets yesterday for a 25% gain in just one day, with the stock actually moving well below T2 to close the day down over 35% from yesterday's entry price. I have revised the final target, T3, from 5.30 to 5.82 (suggested BTC level). ACI daily Sept 1st

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Additional Price Target for ACI

One additional near-term pullback target (8.33) has been added to this 15-minute chart of ACI. Depending on how oil trades, I may cover some or all of my position just above any of these support levels. The 4-hour period chart below highlights that since the initial tag of this downtrend line shortly after the open today, ACI has since stalled, yet to surmount that resistance level & will likely reverse soon. It should also be noted that this is a very aggressive, counter-trend trade as the recent rallies in some of the coal stocks that were mentioned recently (ACI, [...]

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Shorting ACI

ACI (Arch Coal) looks ripe for a pullback trade while at the top of this 60 minute rising wedge along with resistance on the daily chart. 7.41 is my minimum target with the 5.30 level my preferred target (note: those are the actual support levels, with the suggest BTC limit orders to be set 2-3 cents above.) Suggested stops using a 4:1 R/R to one's preferred target.

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Additional Coal Stock Trade Ideas + ACI Notes

ACI daily April 15th As a follow-up to the recent ANR trade setup, I just wanted to share the fact that shortly after that post, I tweeted out a handful of other coal stocks that look poised to rally; $CLD $NRP $ACI $SXC $BTU $JOY $WMLP I've included my daily chart for ACI here which shows a recent breakout above a bullish falling wedge pattern, along with three potential price targets (actual resistance levels, unadjusted for an optimal fill. Sell limit orders to be set somewhat below these levels). ACI is not an official trade idea at this time [...]

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Monday Morning Comments

IWM 120 min Oct 20th I left town for the weekend on Friday & just returned last night and plan to post some updated market commentary as soon as I review the charts. I received several email questions & comments since Friday, along with a couple of donations as well a testimonial (thank you), all of which I plan to reply to as soon as I get my bearings. In looking at the 120-minute chart of the IWM that was posted before I left town, I noticed that the first suggested stop for the IWM short trade was incorrectly [...]

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Long Trade Ideas Updated

Today I plan to update all of the trade ideas on the site in order to remove any stopped out trades or those trade that no longer offer look compelling to make room for some new trade setups which I plan to add over the weekend & into next week. As I still remain longer-term bullish on precious metals & the mining sector, GLD/$GOLD, SLV/$SILVER and all of the individual mining stock trade ideas will remain as Active Long-Term Trade ideas for now but we be remove from the Active Longs category (Active Long Trades are typical swing trade idea) in [...]

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