Trade Ideas Update + Brief Market Analysis (video)

The video provides updates on all of the active trade ideas plus a few unofficial trades on RSOTC at this time proceeded by a brief analysis of QQQ with the near-term outlook for the US stock market. For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular trade idea, the following securities are covered in this order: QQQ (up to the 5 minute market) followed by CANE, WEAT, CORN, CMCSA, ENDP, IEF, TLT, LABD*, XBI*, NFLX, NKTR, SIRI, URGN & XLP. *LABD & XBI were recently closed out after hitting the sole price target but there are some notable developments on the [...]

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LABD Price Target Hit for 18% Profit

The LABD (3x Bearish Biotech Sector ETF) short trade has hit the sole price target of 3.69 for a gain of 18.3% in just over a week (or a beta-adjusted gain of ~ 6,1% based on the suggested beta-adjusted position size of 0.30 to account for the 300% leverage + volatile nature of the biotech sector). XBI and/or LABD is on watch for another & possibly much larger short trade on the biotech sector although my preference for this trade was & still is to book full profits at T1, which is set just below intersecting trendline & price [...]

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Short Trade Ideas Update (video)

Updates on all of the official short trade ideas on Right Side Of The Chart at this time. For those wishing to skip ahead to a particular trade, the following stocks are covered in this order: ENPH (recently stopped out), LABD, XBI, NKTR, NFLX, SIRI, TWTR & URGN. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video

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The Pros & Cons Of Using Leveraged ETFs in Your Trading & Investing

This video attempts to both debunk as well as confirm some of the negative stigmas associated with buying & holding leveraged ETFs for more than a day trade. Real-world examples are used with two of the most notorious offenders when it comes to the price decay that can result when holding a leveraged ETF for an extended period of time, LABU & LABD (3x bullish & bearish biotech ETFs) as well as NUGT & DUST (3x gold miners ETFs). playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration

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XBI Biotechs Bullish Falling Wedge Pattern

Should the broad markets hold up, the biotechs look poised as one of the more promising sectors for a long-side swing trade. XBI is the 1x ETF while those looking to play a short-term pop could use LABU (3x bullish biotech ETF) with an short trade in LABD (3x bearish biotech sector) being a good option for those looking to swing trade what could be a multi-week rally in the sector, again, should the broad markets confirm. XBI 60-minute Feb 2nd Personally, I remain net short US equities, primarily via the Q's but have that position partially hedged with [...]

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