The following recent Active Short Trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category in order to make room for some more attractive trading opportunities.  Some of these trades hit a profit target while others fell short of their first profit target and have exceeded their previously suggested stop level and/or any reasonable stop level, if one was not suggested.  There are several Active Short trades under review for removal in order to made room for new trade ideas.  All Completed Trades on, successful or not, are always moved to the Completed Trades category for future reference.

CYH: Stopped out as per the previously suggested criteria (SOAPSC)

FB: Hit T1 for a gain and reversed just shy of T2 before exceeding the suggested stop.  However, an even larger bearish formation has set up on this latest thrust to new highs in FB & it will likely be added as a new short setup soon.

HIG: Fell over half-way to the first target before reversing and exceeded any reasonable stop (none suggested).

HLF: Although significant divergences continue to build, HLF has exceed any reasonable stop (none suggested) and may be revisited for another short trading opportunity in the near future.




With my expectation for a pullback in the broad markets beginning this week, I will be updating several of the Active Short Trade ideas today.  As each trade must be updated under a separate post for categorical purposes, email notifications will not be sent out on each update today.