Short Trades Removed

The following short trades will be removed from the Active Trades category.  Some of these trades may have already hit one or more profit targets while others failed to reach their price target(s).  Many of these trades have also exceeded their suggested stop level while others may not have but in the long overdue process [...]

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THI short update

the THI active short looks good for a second entry or add-on around current levels.  since the last update, THI made a run for the preferred stop level but fell short, thereby keeping the trade active.  prices went on to chop around a bit before hitting the first target and have since bounced back to [...]

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THI update

Someone had just asked me about the THI short set-up that was recently posted and for those who might have taken the trade, here is my reply and thoughts along with the updated chart: No, you didn't miss anything.  THI is still and active trade and it's even still in the trade set-ups category, which [...]

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THI short set-up

THI looks like an objective short on a break of the intersecting uptrend lines and S1 (horizontal support).  targets marked on this 2-day chart.

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