Various tips and ideas for regarding trading and investing such as placing orders, using stops, etc… These tips are included within the content of the posts listed below.

Tips On Trading Biotech Stocks & General Charting Principles (video)

This video discusses some of trading strategies & risks unique to trading individual biotech stocks along with some general guidelines to use when charting & trading stocks in the biotechnology sector as well as other sectors. Along with various tips & strategies for trading both biotech stocks as well as other securities in general, the [...]

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Trading The VIX

I was just asked the following questions & figured that my response was worth sharing: Q: What's your opinion on trading VIX? I'm looking at TVIX, which is 2x VIX, currently pretty low at $8.30s. I was wondering if it follows the same charting principles and indicators as normal ETFs? A: Let me begin by answering the latter [...]

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Cognitive Biases That Effect Your Trading Performance

Cognitive Biases The stock market continues to grind within a choppy trading range for nearly a month now. As with most sideways trading ranges/consolidation periods, the longer they last, the more powerful the ensuing trend will be once prices clearly break out above or below the range. I don't see any significant market [...]

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Nasdaq 100 Near-term Outlook (video)

This video covers the short-term outlook of the Nasdaq 100 via the intraday charts on QQQ and several of the top components of the $NDX. I recorded this video around 12:30pm ET and so by the time some of you are able to view this video, the QQQ will have either played out as discussed [...]

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Useful Trading & Investing App has a pretty slick app available for phones & tablets. I find it particularly useful to quickly glance stock, currency & commodity futures in the evening after I've shut down the PC or in the morning before I boot up (or when out of the office). The app provides access to streaming charts with [...]

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