EXC update

for those that took the EXC long trade (a long-side bounce off key daily support in conjunction with a breakout and re-test of the 60 min bullish falling wedge) keep in mind that the stock is now testing that key support level on the daily chart again.  therefore, if you did not take profits at the first hit of T1, consider tightening up stops.  for the time being, i am not very interested in shorting the stock on a solid break of this daily support line, as i had mentioned as a possibility in the original post.  that may change but [...]

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EXC T1 hit

had to run out for an appt earlier but wanted to update a few active trades.  EXC made a perfect kiss of the first target (T1) today.  how much prices pull back and how soon (or if) the next target will be hit depends largely on what the broad markets do.  keep an eye on the 60 min SPY and QQQ patterns that i posted earlier.  more updates to follow...

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EXC long update

so far (knock on wood), playing out as expected from last post:  EXC made a successful re-test of the recent 60 min bullish falling wedge breakout, which also coincided with a brief break below key support on the daily chart, which should have served to wash-out some of the remaining weak-handed longs and suck in some more shorts.  if so, that kind of action should serve to change the near-term supply/demand balance of the stock... as you have fewer remorseful longs (potential sellers) and more shorts who will quickly see losses and/or their reasoning for entering the trade (a break of [...]

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EXC update

EXC has fallen back after entry and is a current trading a little below the daily support line.  currently, EXC is re-testing the falling wedge so i am still holding my long position, expecting a successful re-test (and subsequent bounce) from around current levels.  i'm watching to see of EXC can manage to close back above this support level, as the move thru it today help flush out the remaining weak-hands on the long side and draw in some late-comer shorts, setting up for a nice bounce/short-squeeze.  again, that all depends on the stock not dropping much further and preferably closing [...]

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trade updates

just a quick update on some of the recently posted trades ideas.  i will update some of the charts later this evening but you can enter any symbol below into the search bar towards the upper right-side of the page to view the most recent post with charts/notes on the trade or set-up listed below: [...]

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EXC long triggered

the 60 min falling wedge posting on friday broke out shortly after the open.  targets remain as marked (horizontal lines), stop under 39.25.

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EXC… the long and short of it

longer-term, a break of this daily support would be bearish, and might provide a nice swing-short entry.  however, in the near-term, EXC is oversold and setting up in a bullish falling wedge on the 60 min chart and could trigger a tradeable (my term, probably not in webster's dictionary) bounce.  daily and 60 min charts below.

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