HGSI T1 hit

for those of you who took the HGSI trade, remember, this is the 2nd trade posted (longer-term trade based off the daily charts. vs. the recent 60 min chart-based trade).  click here to view the most recent post and chart.  previous charts and updated below.

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HGSI update

the 2nd HGSI set-up posted on friday (the longer-term swing trade based off the daily chart) triggered today and has taken out both the downtrend line and the first horizontal resistance level (R1). personally, i am not entering any new longs today as the broad market is still struggling with key resistance and too many red flags exist.  if you decide to take this one, just make sure to set your stops appropriately.  i will move the to the active trades category because a breakout is a breakout but i will also leave it in the trade set-ups category since it [...]

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trade updates

just a quick update on some of the recently posted trades ideas.  i will update some of the charts later this evening but you can enter any symbol below into the search bar towards the upper right-side of the page to view the most recent post with charts/notes on the trade or set-up listed below: [...]

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HGSI daily

HGSI was a recent successful long treade based off the 60 min charts which i mentioned taking the quick profits on but also said that one could continue to hold as the daily chart looks good.  a new long entry can be taken if/when this daily downtrend line AND the horizontal resistance (R1) is cleared.  will add additional targets if/when it breaks out.

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HGSI broke out of 1st resistance zone

In my last post I mentioned taking profits at T1 (1st target zone) but that anyone who took it long on my original post on 12/21 could hold out for the next target since the daily chart looked good.  The T1 resistance zone has now been cleared and I've added a new target zone (the former T2 is now T3). note: this post will be categorized in both the Active Trades section and Completed Trades, as some may have taken all profits at T1, some may have held on, and others may have booked partial profits at T1 and are holding [...]

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HGSI T1 hit

Posted by: rp on the 6th of Jan 2012 at 10:29 am well, after missing my limit order fill by a couple of cents back on 12/22, they just filled my HGSI at 7.77, right under T1.  i know matt also posted this idea shortly afterwards so he might have another target(s) but anyone still long from my original post can hold out for T2 since the daily chart looks good but it will have to clear that 60 min resistance zone (T1) first. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Posted by: rp on the 21st of Dec 2011 at 04:01 pm just getting back in for the close and noticed that i had a buy-stop order for HGSI that i entered earlier today get filled.  T1 is market but looking at the daily chart, this one could go a lot higher if a short-squeeze rally is sparked. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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