Long Trade Ideas Update

The following long trades exceeded their previous suggested stop parameters last week and will be removed from the Active Trades Category: AAPL- Printed a weekly close below the bottom of the support zone on Friday. EXM-  Exceeded both the suggested stop level of 0.72 on Friday. NM- Fell below the 4.12 suggest stop level early last week. The JOUT long still looks fine for now and the following Active Long Trades or Long Setups will be updated under separate posts soon:  HL, HMY, CVU, XSD, PEIX. Admin note:  For those receiving post notifications by email, we are still working on restoring [...]

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EXM Trade Update

EXM recently pulled back and bounced right off support after coming within 5 cents of it's profit target two weeks ago.  As the stock was very overbought, I view this as healthy behavior and as long as the stock remains above support (0.80), the trade still looks good.  As the entry price on this trade was 0.88, an objective stop would be on a move below 0.72 as that would provide both an attractive 3:1 R/R on the trade as well as placing the stop just below the bottom of the resistance zone.  Those preferring more aggressive stops might consider any [...]

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Midday Comments

As my kids are on Spring Break this week, I plan to spend some quality time with them and as such, the posts will be on the light side.  I just turned on the computer for the day and I'm not in the least bit surprised to see such a sharp intraday reversals (both of them) so far.  About the only surprise was the fact that the US markets actually managed to gap up on the Cyprus deal steal, completely ignoring the potential ripple effects such outright theft of customer's bank deposits may have throughout all the other European & possibly [...]

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EXM long setup

I had planned to add EXM as a trade idea before the open today but something came up and I had to run out this morning and have been playing catch-up since returning less than an hour ago.  Normally, I wouldn't post a long entry on a stock that is up 25% but I do think that EXM, any sharp pullbacks notwithstanding, still has the potential for significant gains.  In fact, on March 6th, I posted: Besides the miners (mentioned in the previous post) one of the sectors that will soon likely play a potentially powerful game of catch-up (assuming that [...]

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shipping stocks update 2

as far as the shipping stocks, both EXM and EGLE will be removed from the active trades list.  EXM had hit the 2nd target for a 32% gain, exceeded it by a decent amount and then reversed hard where a logical stop would have been triggered below either T1 or T2 (former resistance levels become support).  EGLE was stopped out a while ago as per the suggested stop criteria of a move back below the 3.48 level and will also be moved to the completed trades category.

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EXM second target hit

EXM hit T2 for a 32% gain in just 3 trading sessions since it's breakout last week.  i currently favor T3 but more active traders might consider taking partial or full profits while both swing traders and active traders might consider raising stops to protect profits.

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EXM first target hit

EXM hit the first target (.65) for a one day gain of 18% from entry (total gain of about 35% on the day if anyway was bold/insightful enough to take it pre-breakout).  therefore, consider taking full or partial profits and/or raising stops, depending on your trading plan.

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