SRZ target hit- see updated notes

ok, back from a looooong 12 hr road trip and i just finished catching up on today's action.  i have a lot of charts to post tonight and over the weekend but most importantly, i plan to do an follow-up to the bigger picture key index charts that i've discussed recently, as i still believe that we might be at or near a very important juncture in the market.  i will also be going thru most of the long-side trades that i still have listed as active and either moving them to "completed" status or tightening up the stops.  (basically suggesting [...]

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trade updates

just a quick update on some of the recently posted trades ideas.  i will update some of the charts later this evening but you can enter any symbol below into the search bar towards the upper right-side of the page to view the most recent post with charts/notes on the trade or set-up listed below: [...]

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NGPC, FLL, OFC, SRZ long set-ups

similar patterns on NGPC, FLL, OFC, and SRZ although SRZ may just be starting to break-out here.  as always, break-out on above average volume are preferable as low-volume break-outs are often prone to fail.

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