HSOL Final Target Hit

The HSOL (Hanwha SolarOne Co) has hit the second & final target of 2.68 for a gain of 40.6% from entry (or more if shorted on the recently highlighted backtest).  Consider booking full profits as the R/R no longer warrants remaining short at this level. Although short trades remain counter-trend trades with the broad market solidly entrenched in an uptrend, HSOL (along the other recent short trades in the solar sector) is a good example of how technical analysis can be used to help identify profitable trading opportunities long or short, regardless of the overall trend.  Updated daily chart shown below [...]

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Friday Morning Comments & Trade Updates

I will be away from my desk for most of the day and might post some charts or commentary later today, should we get any significant technical developments in the market or with an of the active trade ideas.  We did have a couple of trade ideas hit profit targets recently, which I will post updated charts on asap.  The ZNGA long trade hit the first profit target of 4.43 yesterday & the HSOL short trade hit the first target of 3.40 shortly after the update on that trade (with the target level added) was posted.   From a quick glance at [...]

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HSOL Approaching First Profit Target, Levels Added

HSOL (Hanwha SolarOne Co.) is approaching the first profit target (T1) and actually hit it at the lows yesterday.  However, upon reviewing the trade ideas today, I just noticed that the suggested buy-to-cover price levels had not yet been added to the charts although the target/support lines were shown on the previous charts.  The suggested target level for T1 is 3.40 (also yesterday's low in HSOL) while the suggested cover level for T2 is 2.68.  T2 is currently the preferred and final swing target for this trade which closed at a 23.5% gain (or higher if shorted on the backtest) yesterday.  [...]

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Short Trades Update (video)- Part 2

This is the second and final video covering the highlighted Active Short Trade Ideas (with a separate video covering the Long Trade Ideas to follow). The trade ideas/charts are discussed in the following order: HSOL, HTZ, JASO, JPM, KBH, M, MIC, NTRS, OSTK, PWRD, QIHU, SPB, TSLA, YUM, & Z. To skip ahead to coverage on a particular stock, click & drag the circle white circle on the timeline at the bottom of the video. I find that these videos are best viewed using the Fullscreen option on phones, tablets and laptops while the Large Player size (available when playing the [...]

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HSOL Short Entry/Setup

HSOL is breaking below this bearish rising wedge pattern following the most recent thrust higher on what appears to be a possible buying climax.  I have noted a support level (S1) that comes in around the 4.25 area which may or may not produce a reaction (pause or bounce) in the stock.  One could either short a full position here or take a starter position, adding to the trade if & when prices move below the s1 level.  Targets are marked on this daily chart although the exact suggested buy-to-cover levels along with the suggested stop(s) will follow asap. As with [...]

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