QIHU Second & Preferred Target Hit, Trade Removed

In order to make room for a slew of new trade ideas that I've found over the weekend, I'm working on the long overdue task of updating the Active Short Trade ideas. As a tool for referencing past trades as well as tracking performance, all trade ideas are updated when they are moved from the Active Trades category to the Completed Trades category (either stopped out or upon reaching the final price target). In doing so, I noticed that the QIHU short has not been updated since the first profit target was hit back in 2013. After hitting T1 for a [...]

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Short Trades Update (video)- Part 2

This is the second and final video covering the highlighted Active Short Trade Ideas (with a separate video covering the Long Trade Ideas to follow). The trade ideas/charts are discussed in the following order: HSOL, HTZ, JASO, JPM, KBH, M, MIC, NTRS, OSTK, PWRD, QIHU, SPB, TSLA, YUM, & Z. To skip ahead to coverage on a particular stock, click & drag the circle white circle on the timeline at the bottom of the video. I find that these videos are best viewed using the Fullscreen option on phones, tablets and laptops while the Large Player size (available when playing the [...]

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QIHU First Target Hit & Exceeded On Opening Gap

The QIHU Active Short Trade gapped below the first target (60 minute chart) today to open at 81.96 for a quick 4.5% gain.  Standing buy-to-cover limit orders are filled at the better of the limit price that was set (in this case, 82.28 for those targeting T1) or lower, in the case of a gap below that price, as QIHU experienced today.  The same thing works in reverse when long as a standing sell limit order at your profit target can only be filled at your limit price or better, should the stock gap above it.  For now my preferred target [...]

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QIHU Short Targets Revised

The Sept 11th shooting star candlestick was confirmed as per the previously stated criteria, thereby triggering an entry for the QIHU short setup posted on Sept 13th. Note the Sept 16th gap below the uptrend line followed by a successful backtest and prices now rolling over, clearly bearish price action and further confirmation that at least a near-term top was likely put in with that shooting star candlestick on Sept 11th. Some potential swing trade targets remain as shown on this daily chart but with the over-all trend still bullish, my preference is to use the shorter-term, less aggressive price targets [...]

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QIHU- New Short Setup

If at first you don't succeed... QIHU was a recent short trade (and/or untriggered setup, as dual entry criteria were posted).  That trade was based of what was referred to as a potential exhaustion gap pending confirmation via a move below the 73 area, which would have brought prices below the bottom of the Aug 26th gap and greatly increased the odds that the gap was indeed an exhaustion gap.  However, QIHU instead make a text-book backfill, kissing the bottom of that gap before reversing and continuing higher, going on to take out the suggested stop of a move somewhat above [...]

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QIHU Gap Backfill- Objective Short Entry

The QIHU short trade/setup posted earlier this morning has so far been a play right out of the technical analysis books.  After putting in what may likely prove to be an exhausting gap on Monday, the stock gapped sharply lower today and made a nearly perfect backfill of the gap where prices abruptly reversed this morning (perfectly normal & expected behavior on the initial backfill of the gap) & prices have now moved back to the top of the gap where they have (so far) found resistance. Gaps are like magnets for stock prices, very often being backfilled or tested from [...]

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QIHU Short Entry & Setup

A fellow trader passed this one along to me (thanks B.), which could prove to be a very lucrative, albeit aggressive short trade.  QIHU has been on an absolute tear this year but that mega-run may have just come to an end.  Any move lower this week back below the 73ish area (below the gap) will sharply increase the odds that Monday's gap was an exhaustion gap. Exhaustion gaps happen near the end of a strong trend (up or down) and are marked by unusually high volume.  In order to confirm that Monday's gap was most likely an exhaustion gap, we [...]

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