Active Short Trade update- COL Removed

As there are a substantial number of trade ideas listed in Active Short Trades category, I plan to go through the charts in detail this week and update as many of the trades as possible.  At quick glance, I see two trades that have exceeded their previously suggested stop parameters.  COL moved well above the suggested stop of 60.30 and as such, will be considered stopped out and moved to the Completed trades category.  However, as a case was made for a long-term short based on the weekly charts, any longer-term term traders still in this one might note that COL [...]

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shorting COL

COL was covered in detail in the Jan 9th Aerospace & Defense Sector Overview Video in which at the time, I had pointed out that it had a little more upside to go before tagging a key multi-year downtrend line on the weekly chart (where it would likely find resistance).  A nice bearish rising wedge pattern was also pointed out on the daily time frame along with a horizontal resistance level.  I had stated that a break of the wedge pattern would be an object sell signal (exit long or enter short) and COL was once again mentioned on Wednesday as [...]

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Aerospace & Defense Sector Overview

I've put together a video covering the Aerospace & Defense Sector and a dozen of the individual components with charts that stood out to me.  As a lot has happened in the markets over the last few weeks that has damped the longer-term bearish case and strengthened the bullish case, a dilemma has developed lately which is a very obscure, or more precise, a conflicting technical picture.  From a longer-term perspective (weekly charts), I continue to believe that the technicals are bearish.  Nearly all major US indices are at or near key multi-year resistance while most or all have recently broken [...]

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