The following video provides technical analysis for swing trade ideas on various stocks & sector ETFs. Silver or Gold level access initially required.

This video runs longer than usual due to a large number of trade ideas covered. For those wishing to skip ahead to coverage of a particular stock or ETF, the following are (roughly) covered in this order: SPY (general broad market update), EWM, GOOS, OROCF, SQM, SUP, RAD, $NATGAS, AR, CRC, XOP, XLE, XES, BH, ADNT, BBD.B.TO, BDRBF, PDCE, RRC, CHK, SWN, PTEN, HABT, BJRI, FAT, BBQ, GTIM, WING, PZZA & DENN.

playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration