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    Various tips and ideas for regarding trading and investing such as placing orders, using stops, etc… These tips are included within the content of the posts listed below.

    Semiconductors & Miscellaneous Trading Comments

    I see a lot of discussion & buzz about AMD today in the trading room today & just wanted to share the fact that I wouldn't underestimate just how far the semis, or really any stock or sector for that matter, can potentially fall (or rise) from here. Given; the primary trend is the broad [...]

    Jan 12, 2017 10:47am|Categories: Equity Market Analysis, Trading Tips|0 Comments

    AMD Analysis & General Trading Tips (video)

    This video provides a comprehensive review of the charts of AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, using various time frames to make the case that this stock is poised to fall over 50% in the coming year or so. While not an official Active Trade or Trade Setup at this time, although I am monitoring the stock [...]

    Several Trade Ideas To Report Earnings

    Just a heads up that several of the official & unofficial trade ideas recently posted on RSOTC are scheduled to report earnings after the markets close tomorrow, including ATVI, CARA, ERI, GDEN & TSRO. Keep in mind that list is far from inclusive of all of the recently highlighted trade ideas. There are numerous sources [...]

    Nov 2, 2016 11:00am|Categories: Equity Market Analysis, Trading Tips|Tags: , , , , |2 Comments

    Using Divergences & Multiple Time Frames In Your Trading

    This video discusses how to identify & incorporate bullish & bearish divergences into your trading along with the use of multiple time frames as well as the outlook for the US equity markets at this time.

    Jun 17, 2016 10:02am|Categories: Equity Market Analysis, Trading Tips|Tags: , , , |7 Comments

    General Trading Tips + Market Comments

    I have quite a few questions & inquires from over the weekend that I will reply to asap, no later than the end of today. Thank you for your patience. I might also be a little behind on replying to questions & comments this week as I plan to set aside some time going through [...]

    May 16, 2016 11:14am|Categories: Equity Market Analysis, Trading Tips|1 Comment

    Adjusting Position Sizing, Stops & Profit Targets When Trading Volatile Stocks

    An excellent question that I received today in regards to balancing risk, reward & total gain/loss exposure when trading a volatile sector like the shipping stocks. I expanded on a few closely related points to consider when determining the optimal profit targets, stop levels & position size on trade ideas with above average gain/risk potential: [...]

    Apr 15, 2016 2:35pm|Categories: Trading Tips|Comments Off on Adjusting Position Sizing, Stops & Profit Targets When Trading Volatile Stocks

    WMB Follow-up Comments + Miscellaneous Trading Tips

    First off, just a quick FYI on the recently posted WMB (Williams Companies Inc) Growth & Income Trade setup: I had incorrectly listed the price target in the previous post. The typo has been corrected, please re-visit that post to view the corrected details of that trade setup if you viewed it earlier and are [...]

    Apr 10, 2016 4:57pm|Categories: Trading Tips, Using RSOTC|Tags: |1 Comment
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